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NEOTIS PP (Post Procedure) Cream

Product Detail Information

Tissue Repair and Skin Health

  • NEOTIS P.P cream, created by cosmeceutical prescription based on principles of wound healing, helps to recover the skin after cosmetic procedures or sun burn and minimize the side effects from wound healing process, elevates the healing efficiency.

Synergistic Formulation

  • NEOTIS P.P cream provides you with a total skin care system to ensure an optimal post procedure healing environment and accelerates the skin´s own natural repairing process, helping you to feel more safe and comfort.


  • No itching
  • Quick effect of high concentrated prescription
  • Theoretical mixing of high qualified pharmacologically active ingredients
  • Reducing skin Swelling, dryness, redness, itching
  • No allergy, Safe to sensitive skin without irritation
  • Long lasting moisturizing.
  • High penetration of effective ingredients
  • Fresh and soft feeling
  • Non-comedogenic